Home remedies for PERFECT Skin and Hair

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Try out these home remedies for that PERFECT Skin and Hair

Using age-old home remedies has been the best and most affordable way to get flawless skin and hair growth. Without buying any new skincare or hair product, you can take care of your locks and skin at home. There are so many ingredients available in the kitchen to use. Here are some of the ingredients you can use for home remedies:

How to Remove Skin Tan


Dead skin removal ingredient which is very effective and natural is yoghurt or curd. Curd mixed with wheat flour can be applied on the face, hands and feet and then rinsed off once it dries up. Curd and flour when combined act as a scrub and remove dead skin and tan easily. Regular use of this mixture will ensure clear, soft and supple skin.


Lemon contains Vitamin C in abundance, which is a great tan removal agent. One can simply slice a lemon, rub it on the skin and wipe it off once it settles on the skin. The citric acid present in lemon helps not only in the removal of tan but also in the removal of acne and lightening of the marks. One can also apply a mixture of lemon and curd for severe tan.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, these days has emerged as an elixir for every ailment. However, it has been available all this while in our gardens, parks, and neighborhoods. Aloe vera is a one-stop remedy for almost all skin and hair ailments. It is a great cooling agent. One can take aloe vera pulp and apply it raw on the skin to get rid of tan, sunburn, etc.  It helps in not only reducing the effect of tan but also soothes burns and acne.

Gram Flour

Gram flour is very useful in treating tan. It removes dead cells leaving behind healthy and glowing skin. Mix gram flour with water and apply the paste on the skin. Wait for it to dry and rinse your face. Try using rose water instead of regular water, which will add to the glow.

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